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Groundations is a new standard in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing preventative and fitness services that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier. We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall well-being. Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what Groundations has to offer you.

Services We Offer

Our unique ground-based approach to exercise is designed specifically for the 60+ market. We aim to bring diverse movements back into the lives of our clients. We focus on increasing mobility, body awareness and giving you the reins to stay healthy in all areas of life. Participation in our program will enhance how you feel through the power of movement.  


For us, it’s not just about exercise, it is about creating a community and encouraging interaction between all of our clients. We all possess unique and interesting experiences that deserve to be shared. We feel it is important to build a strong community where the connections you make go beyond the classroom. 


BoomFit: 70 is the new 50 so that means 65 is the new 45. We have the perfect routine for those who feel young in body and mind and would like improve how they move.

FallUp: If you fear falling and that is holding you back from doing what you love FallUp is for you. We focus on ground movement and fall recovery training.  We take it slow and it's fun.

GroundFit: If you are looking for the tools to feel more comfortable and confident on the ground then this program is perfect for you.  The goal is to help you become confident in getting back up while working on moving safely.

Group Fitness Training

In our group fitness classes, we tackle the challenges of falls together. We feel this is the best way to stay accountable, build community and have fun. Classes have a maximum of 10 participants.

Private 1-1 Training

If you prefer 1-1 training then we have you covered. Whether you're a 60+ athlete, a weekend warrior, or not into fitness at all we guarantee our mobility training can help you unlock your potential.

Our Mission

The mission of Groundations is to change the face of aging and mobility through science and experience. Safe and efficient movements are the core of our approach. We don’t fit the mold of a traditional exercise curriculum. Our program focuses on diverse movements and ways we can evolve mobility training beyond the traditional scope. Our movement curriculum is supported by science and focuses on ground based activity to promote functional and natural human movement. Science is an integral part of our mission but beyond that, we aim to create a culture which encourages and empowers people to change their perspective on fitness and what it means to age.

The Founders

As two entrepreneurs devoted to an innovative approach on aging, we came together through a common goal. Chi is a movement specialist and fitness expert who has over 25 years of hands on experience in the health and wellness industry. He also owns an exclusive luxury gym in Boston's Back Bay. Jen is an entrepreneur dedicated to using her complex problem solving skills to take on new challenges. With a background in engineering, she knows the importance of building a strong foundation to construct upon. Having experience in product management, and small company business strategy, coupled with extensive personal experience in older adult care, she is ready to take their combined vision to the next level.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

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